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Hide Weed Smell

Why it is wise to hide a weed smell

How to hide the typical smell of marijuana smoke? Although it can have a enticing effect on people, in some circumstances it is preferable to eliminate this distinctive smell!  

There are various solutions for achieving this. One of the most effective methods of hiding the smell of weed is by the use of a carbon filter, such as used in the Smoke Buddy air filters.

Methods for neutralising and altering cannabis odours - Smoke Buddy charcoal filters

The carbon in Smoke Buddy air filters is an activated substance which can neutralize almost any smell. Including the distinctive smell of burning marijuana!

The principle behind these filters is very simple. The exhaling of smoke is done into the dedicated activated charcoal smoke filter, ensuring that the smell will stay behind in the carbon and the smell of weed is no longer detectable in the air that exits the filter.

There are filters that neutralise the weed smell, but also filters which change the smell of marijuana in another desired smell like lavender, strawberry or lemon.

We have different sizes of Smoke Buddy air filters, starting with the small portable Junior, which has a capacity of at least 150 smoking sessions, up to the Mega, which lasts up to 600 sessions, but is bulkier and better for home use.

All are available both in our store in Rotterdam and our online Smoke Shop! We ship fast and discreet.

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