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Supersmoker Bluetooth

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Supersmoker Bluetooth, e-cigarette with phone function!

Already more than 7 years ago now Supersmoker came up with a means for people to enjoy smoking in a modern way by marketing the very first e-cigarette. Now in the year 2014 they have another special world first, the Supersmoker Bluetooth phone smoker.


Genius and unique

This genius invention from Supersmoker may look like an ordinary e-cig, but it is not. With this unique device you can, besides smoke electronically, also make a telephone call. The Supersmoker Bluetooth happens to also be an actual phone with which you can make and receive phone calls as with a regular smartphone.


Smart e-phone with music

Besides this clever phone function this electronic cigarette also offers the ability to listen to your favourite music through a built-in speaker and all this in a stylishly crafted design. There is also a choice of different flash colours including black or white.


Available in different colours

But regardless of which colour e-cigarette phone you purchase, this brand new Supersmoker Bluetooth will forever elevate your world of both e-smoking and placing calls to another dimension! The e-smoker is completely wirelessly compatible with all devices that posses a bluetooth capability.

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