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PiMP Cannabis E-Cigarette

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PiMP Cannabis E-Cigarette, rechargeable and disposable e-joints!

PimP e-cigarettes are available as both a rechargeable e-cig supplied in a packet of cigarettes or as a disposable shisha pen in blister packaging. They all contain real cannabis, only with a THC content which remains below the legal limit. So these cannabis e-cigarettes do not make you stoned or high. They are however completely legal and can be used anywhere without problems.


Toking without causing nuisance

Very handy when you are in places where smoking is not allowed, let alone toking. With PiMP you can effortlessly enjoy electronic smoking without causing any real smoke. 


Enjoying weed in public

It is often very annoying for die-hard tokers not to be able to light up a joint because cannabis is not acceptable to many folks. Not even for smokers. Stealthily lighting up a joint on a terrace in amongst smokers isn't going to work either. The pervasive smell will immediately give you away.


Cannabis e-joint with fruity taste

With these PiMP e-cigarettes it is now possible to not go without the delicous taste of cannabis for even a minute. And as an added bonus you have the choice of various refreshing or fruity tastes. That will mean double the fun!

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