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Joyetech E-Cigarette

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Joyetech E-Cigarette

The company Joyetech was founded in december 2007 and in the mean time has become a major player in the e-cigarette industry. Joyetech is constantly researching and developing new possibilities in the area of e-smoking and also through this is able to offer high quality e-cigarettes.


Quick innovations

Due to the rapid innovations in the already established industry, Joyetech was able to come out with the first product, called the Joye 510, in september 2008. The first Joyetech e-cig showed some shortcomings, after which in october 2009 the eGo e-cigarette was presented.


E-Roll e-cigarette smartphone design

The eGo had a battery with  a longer lifetime and the cartridges had a larger volume compared to the Joye 510. Several designs followed leading to their showcase the E-Roll e-cigarette being brought out in the form of a smartphone.


Joy life with E-technology!

Since then Joyetech has been mostly active in developing and promoting their own brand of e-cigarettes and is fast on track to becoming a leading figure in the business of e-smoking. Their goal is to finetune their products to the wishes of the users making e-smoking a true delight. So this aim is in complete agreement with their slogan: "Joy life with E-technology!"

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