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Jiksu E-Cigarette

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Jiksu E-Cigarette

Jiksu is a popular and very innovative brand and has by now been active in the e-smoking business for many years. Jiksu values the opinions and reviews of e-smokers very highly and uses the feedback for improving the development of new e-cigarettes and e-smokers accessories.


High quality e-cigarettes

Observations about for instance the vapor formation, the taste or the ease of loading are handed over to the research- and development team, processed and if necessary recreated in order to reach the desired end result. This means the e-cigarette is constantly being improved, which translates into a product of high quality.


For the manufacture of Jiksu e-cigarettes use is made of high quality microchips, which might slightly raise the price, but which guarantees a first-class product.


User friendly

Jiksu, which is part of Joyetech, produces a variety of e-cigarettes in various designs, colours and sizes of which a number have been added to our product range. Despite e-cigarettes being very complicated, Jiksu strives to keep the designs as user friendly as possible.

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