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E-Smoking Cigarette

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E-Smoking E-Cigarettes

E-Smoking, the new smoking! Electronic cigarettes from E-Smoking look exactly like a normal cigarette, with the only difference being that the e-cigarette contains no tobacco. With the e-cigarette you only inhale water vapour with added flavour.


So no combustion occurs, which prevents any of the usual toxins being formed, which are created when smoking a normal cigarette. The advantage of this is that electronic smoking contains no irritating combustion materials and smoke. Furthermore smoking e-cigarettes is up to as much as 50% cheaper than smoking normal cigarettes. Reason enough to switch to the e-cigarette like many thousands of other smokers.


Same size as a regular cigarette

Another big advantage of an E-smoking e-cigarette is that it's length is 8.2cm, which is exactly as long as a regular cigarette, which keeps the feeling in your hand practically the same. The E-Smoking e-cigarette also produces extra big vapour clouds, which enhances the simulation of a regular cigarette.


The E-Smoke has an unique differing feature compared to a regular e-cigarette. Each cartridge happens to hold a built-in vaporizer, or vape. This means the e-cigarette consists of only two parts: the cartridge and the battery.


How the E-Smoking e-cigarette works

The e-cigarettes operate very quickly and easily. The e-cigarette is ready-to-use immediately after the cartridge has been screwed on the battery!


Warranty E-Smoking

All products from E-Smoking, with the exception of the cartridges, come with a 12 month warranty.

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