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E-Njoint, a joint shaped disposable e-cigarette!

The E-njoint, designed by a Dutch company, is the first disposable electronic cigarette shaped like a joint. Just like other e-cigs, this patented E-njoint doesn't produce harmful combustion. The e-joint only vaporizes a flavoured liquid.

Time for an electronic joint

Since there are already electronic cigarettes, e-water pipes and e-cigars on the market, the manufacturer decided it is time for an electronic joint. It contains no cannabis, and you won't get high, but the shape is like a real king size joint.

A glowing leaf or foorball

With each puff a glowing green weed leaf appears at the end of the E-njoint as an extra fun and eye-catching detail, just like the glowing ashes of a cigarette. Instead of a cannabis leaf a football lights up with every puff of the WK edition. Watching the world cup was never so much fun.
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