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E-Liquids, various refreshing e-liquid flavours

E-liquids (/e-juices) are flavoured fillings for the ampoules that are placed in the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette. The liquid is suitable for all e-cigarettes in our assortment, except for the E-Smoking. E-liquids consist of a basic liquid, one or more flavourings and nicotine. Flavours can vary from fresh fruit flavours, sweetness, tobacco flavour and drinks- or herb flavours, also including marijuana flavour.

Vapor, no smoke

The flavour liquid with which the ampoule is filled, is heated to a temperature which vaporizes it. So no combustion occurs, as it does occur when smoking cigarettes. When the e-liquid is heated vapor is formed which looks approximately the same as smoke, which makes the smoking of an e-cigarette impart a similar sensation as the smoking of a regular cigarette.

Which nicotine intensity to buy?

E-liquid is available in four concentrations determining the nicotine content, making e-smoking also suitable for people trying to quit smoking. Heavy smokers can start with a high concentration while light smokers could make do with a medium- to light concentration. You can get your body to get used to a bit less repeatedly until you finally end up with 0 mg.

Marijuana or Spacecake flavour

The e-liquids with various weed flavours, like weed brownies, green dragon or bhang lassi are a pleasure for people who want to quit smoking, which does not only makes it easier, but also very tasteful!

Making new flavours of e-liquid

The e-liquids can be mixed with each other in order to create your own favourite flavour. You could for instance mix the e-juice Champagne with  Cheesecake or the e-liquid Rum with the one of Toffee. You can let your imagination run wild and so create the most ultimate flavours.

Mixing with THC-rich hash- or weed oil

Many people smoke joints for medicinal reasons, for example when mitigating the effects of various ailments and conditions, for example medical cannabis and cancer.

Recreational and non-recreational enjoyment

But since it has also been scientifically proven that both tobacco as the combustion products that occur while smoking, are very bad for our health, the e-cigarette offers a solution. If you mix in a drop of concentrated THC oil in the e-liquid, you can not only recreationally, but also in a non-recreational way best enjoy the positive effects weed has on our body.

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