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Drip Tips

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Drip Tips, luxury mouth pieces for the e-cigarette!

Drip tips are hollow mouth pieces for an electronic cigarette or clearomizer through which you inhale the vaporised e-liquid. These mouth pieces, which are for sale in various designs, do not only provide convenience and delight, but also give your e-cigarette an extra personal touch.


Dripping of e-liquid

Drip tips make it easier to fill your atomizer with e-liquid. You can very easily, without any disassembly, drip a few drops through the opening at the top of the mouth piece. So a handy and speedy Drip & Go system! The vaporised e-liquid has a longer way to travel before entering the mouth thereby cooling it more. Furthermore dripping has the advantage that you will be able to try out different flavours of juice quickly after each other .


Which drip tip to buy?

Headshop Apollyon has collected a number of special custom-made drip tips which can very simply be attached to your e-cig. So you might for instance choose a mouth piece in the shape of a dragon's head or a skull. Which drip tip you want to use is completely up to your personal preference. The performance is equal in all of them.

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