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Large Glass Bongs

Our Large Glass Bongs with a height of 40 - 80 cm (15.7 - 31.5 inches)

Are you looking for a large or tall bong that looks cool, is attractive, has a percolator, diffuser, ice notches, is a combination of an ice bong with other options?

Is your old bong in need of replacement? Or are you just looking for a new bong?

This Category contains all glass bongs, ice bongs, percolators and bubblers with a heigt of 40 tot 80 cm, or 15.7 to 31.5 inches. 

A wide choice of large bongs made from borosilicate glass, always functional, from serious to funny

Glass bongs with a heigt of 40 tot 80 cm (15.7 - 31.5") are ideal for home use and that's why a lot of attention has been given to an attractive design!

Headshop Apollyon offers a large collection both online and in our store in the South of Rotterdam, consisting of various large glass bongs, percolators and bubblers! 

We have all kinds of designs for cooling and purifying smoke, from simple to complex and luxurious

The choice in our collection is huge. Do you prefer a simple, easy to handle bong, or do you like sophisticated percolator with removable spool that you can precool in the freezer for extra cool smoke without the hassle of ice?

At Headshop Apollyon you have a wide choice from bongs and pipes with all kinds of extra's to make smoking a true delight.

We have glass bongs with a percolator, bubbler, Swiss Percolator, ice notches or a combination of different kinds of percolators and cooling of smoke by ice.

There is no reason to worry about delivery, because these large bongs have all been specially packed for transport and home delivery. This is also how we receive them!

Even if there happens to be a damaged part in the box upon delivery, we will immediately send you a replacement. Just contact our customer service!

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