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Glass Bongs

Glass Bongs, percolators, bubblers in sizes 20 - 40 cm or 8 to 16 inches

Are you looking to buy a nice glass bong, ice bong, percolator or bubbler? Or are you looking for a replacement of your old bong?

In this category you can find all glass bongs, ice bongs, percolatorss and bubblers with a height of 20 cm to 40 cm or approximately 8 to 16 inches!

The advantages and disadvantages of a glass bong

Glass is a durable material, that is quite resistant to scratches and immune to all chemicals and detergents. It will stay beautiful forever, unless you drop it on a hard surface and it shatters to bits!

This immediately highlights one of the biggest disadvantages of glass, namely that it more vulnerable than acrylic or plastic. 

That's also why we always advise customers to go for a glass bong, unless you plan on taking it along with you quite often. In this case acrylic is a better choice, as a glass bong has a higher chance of breaking during travelling and transport. 

Buying a glass bong online 

Headshop Apollyon offers a wide collection of attractive bongs, percolators and bubblers both online and in our store in the south of Rotterdam. From the sleek and modern to crazy and funny designs, like a bong in the shape of a penis, a banana, a grumpy head, or a cool one that actually looks like a handgun!

Percolators with a removable spool

The choice is wide. Are you looking for a simpel and easy-to-handle bong, or do you prefer a sophisticated percolator with removable spool that you can cool in the freezeer before you light up? At Headshop Apollyon we have them all, designed to elevate smoking to a higher level of flavour and comfort!

Are you looking to buy an authentic bong as a gift or present? Take a look at our collection, or visit our store in Rotterdam to hold them in your hands.

Worried about receiving a broken glass bong when you order? All our bongs are packed very well to withstand the handling that comes from transporting them. That's how we order them ourselves! And if you happen to receive a broken one, just contact customer service and we will send you a replacement!

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