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Herbs – Health herbs – Herb by Effect

Classification of the herbs is done by brand and by effect. You can buy herbs with health-promoting properties or you might choose a herb which gives a trippy-like effect. For instance certain herbs give extra energy, while other herbs are very suitable for when you're losing weight.

Healthy herbs and spices

With the healthy herbs and spices there is a huge choice with various well-known and lesser-known herbs which are suitable to complement CBD oil or weed oil with. They add an additional effect or facilitate a better intake of other herbs into the system.

Trippy herbs with hallucinogenic effect

Besides herbs often being a healthy supplement to the body, there are also many herbs which can cause a psychedelic effect. These trippy herbs change your consciousness and cause mind-altering effects. Furthermore there are also  herbs which can give you extra energy or which have a calming and relaxing effect.

Aphrodisiac, a herbal means for sexual pleasure

Lastly you can also order herbs which are aimed at stimulating the sex drive. These aphrodisiacs are capable of giving your love life a mighty boost. They can improve the sex life and ensure extra sexual pleasure. The herbs are classified by brand and by the effect a certain herb can provide.

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