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Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum – The magical sage of the diviners

Salvia divinorum, also known as magical seer's sage, is one of the holy herbs of the Mazatec Indians. This holy herb from Mexico creates a brief but very intense state of altered consciousness.

Although it is considered to be a hallucinogen, the effects are not comparable with those of other natural products. 

Tips on safe usage 

Always use hallucinogens under safe conditions. Meaning not on the street, in public parks or in traffic. If you have little experience with cacti, truffles, shrooms and herbs, make sure to have people around whom you can trust and who will watch over you during your trip.

Never use together with other substances like alcohol, cannabis or drugs. Only take hallucinogens at times when you are feeling comfortable. Lastly don't panic, nothing can happen.

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