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Feminized Weed Pollen

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5 Items

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Weed pollen regular - Seedshop Apollyon – Rotterdam

When you want to produce seeds yourself you are going to need both male and female plants. And by the use of both male and female plants or pollen you will be exploiting the bigger genepool to come up with that special, new phenotype that will turn out to be a real keeper.

Furthermore lots of old school growers swear that plants from regular seeds make for better mother plants and more vigorous and stable new hybrids. And apart from that without the use of regular seeds and pollen the genepool of the cannabis plant family could dangerously shrink.

However due to the inevitable losses caused by the formation of male plants with regular seeds, which will have to be removed if you want to harvest only seedless buds, regular seeds are mostly used by serious breeders with years of experience to create new strains or further refine existing ones. For people just trying to be self sufficient on a modest scale, the feminised option would always be more recommendable.

For this reason most of the pollen on offer here at Apollyon Headshop are feminised, with only the Tropical Skunk available as regular pollen for now.

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