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Weed pollen

Buying feminised and regular weed pollen

Apollyon Seedshop has both feminised weed pollen and regular weed pollen. The latest newest additions to our assortment are both regular and feminised weed pollen or feminized anther dust.

How feminised weed pollen are created

Feminised weed pollen are created by manipulating female plants so they will start to exhibit male characteristics, such as the production of pollen or anther dust.

The pollen of these otherwise still female plants will however only posses female chromosomes.

Which means that if you use the pollen of these plants to fertilise other female plants, you can be sure all seeds thereby created will almost exclusively (98% or more) produce female plants.

What are the advantages of feminised weed pollen?

That only almost all female plants will grow from seeds which come from feminised pollen is a big advantage, since with the cultivation of cannabis you will nearly always only want to work with unfertilised, female plants. As these contain far more active ingredients like THC, CBD, other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids than their male counterparts.

With regular seed plants you will always end up with an approximately even number of male and female plants, which on top of that can only be identified as such after a given time period of growing and flowering. By using feminised seeds, you will be saving a lot of time up front.

Weed pollen – Creating your own unique strain – Will you find that single, perfectly suited plant?

Because this technique enables people to experiment for themselves, a potentially huge number of new crosses can be created, of which statistically a lot might not add so very much, except of course some variance in taste and effect, already motivation enough in of itself.

But with the use of weed pollen you do increase the possibility of the development of a specific plant producing a higher content of certain terpenes, flavonoids, CBD, THC or other cannabinoids.

Experimenting with various crosses is also made very easy this way, without the neccesity of growing male plants or waiting on gender determination.

By for example utilising the 'backcross'-method (or BX), it is possible to fairly quickly create a stable F1 hybrid of a specific plant with the desired characteristics. 

Will you be the creator of the latest, newest favourite top-of-the-line strain or create that one unique plant with the perfect characteristics for you?

Weed pollen – Pollen – How do you store and use them?

The pollen are delivered in special packaging which will ensure the pollen will keep for a long time. Therefore always store the pollen in this original packaging to the very last possible moment and keep this in the fridge or in the freezer compartment (freezing is recommended when not used almost immediately upon receipt).

Let them warm to room temperature only minutes before using them. Always take into account that humidity is the worst culprit when storing pollen!

Applying the pollen can best be done with a light, soft watercolour paint brush and 'paint' as it were the plants or buds with pollen. Try to make sure all stigmas (also called pistils or white hairs) are covered in pollen, or seeds will not form in all available spots.

How to avoud cross-pollination with cannabis

If providing yourself with seeds is your only goal, you might choose to only pollinate 1 single plant or 1 single bud. To avoid unwanted cross pollination with the rest of the plants we do recommend to isolate this single plant or bud for about 4 days from the other plants during pollination and immediately after. By that time the used pollen will be 'glued' to the stigmas (pistils) and any further chance of unwanted cross pollination will have become negligibly small.

For partial pollination outdoors we recommend to cover the pollinated plants or buds for 48 hours  with something like for instance a paper bag to avoid cross pollination of the rest of the plants. 

When to apply – Best time to pollinate

The best results are obtained by pollinating the plants when they are around 3.5 to 4.5 weeks into their flowering period. After another 3 to 5 weeks of flowering the seeds will be fully ripened.

When the seeds are still green and too soft, they are not ready yet and they would have an unacceptably low germination rate.

Do not use PK with seed production, this hardens the seed husks and makes them a bit harder to germinate. 

After harvesting – How to process your seeds

As soon as the seeds are no longer green and soft, you can harvest the pollinated plant or bud to let it dry. After 1 to 2 weeks of drying your seeds at about room temperature or slightly below, you can  separate the bud with the seeds from the seed-bearing plant and collect them.

After this dry the seeds for a further 3 to 4 weeks in a cardboard- or wooden box to ensure they have been dried enough. If properly harvested, dried and stored in a cool, dry and dark place, you can keep your seeds viable for at least 5 years.

Easy choosing and ordering from our selection

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