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Regular Weed Pollen

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Regular Weed Pollen - Our collection

We already observed earlier how most weed growers benefit from feminized pollen, because that way you are guaranteed feminized seeds.

With regular pollen we still cater to the needs of the very experienced growers, who wish to develop very robust weed seeds for new hybrids.

At the moment we have the regular, non-feminized cannabis pollen of the Tropical Skunk in our assortment.

Lift your growing efforts to a higher level

Are you ready for the next challenge? Searching for a higher level? Than the regular Weed Pollen from Tropical Skunk are just the thing for you. Picked from a selection of the most promising phenotypes, to get the best results.

Cultivate your own male seeds and create your own hybrid strains with them! You also order regular Weed Pollen  quickly and simply in the online Seedshop from Apollyon.

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