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Feminised Weed Pollen

Want to buy feminised weed pollen? - Seedshop Apollyon – Rotterdam

When you want to produce your own seeds, you will need both male as well as female plants. By using both male and female plants you are exploiting a bigger gene pool in order to find that one special, new pheno type, which will turn out to be a keeper.

Weed pollen for vigorous and stable new crosses

Furthermore a lot of old school growers will swear that plants from regular seeds will make for better mothers and produce more vigorous and stable new crosses. And besides that, without the use of regular seeds and pollen the gene pool and thereby the diversity of the cannabis plant family could shrink dangerously.

Weed pollen are for the experienced growers

However, due to the inevitable losses from the development of male plants with regular seeds - which you will have to remove if you want to harvest seedless buds – regular seeds are often only used by serious seed-producers with years of experience. They use them to create new strains or further refine existing strains. For folks that just want to modestly provide for their own needs, the feminized option will always be more advisable.

For this reason the majority of pollen sold by Apollyon Seedshop are feminised. Only the pollen of Tropical Skunk are available as regular pollen.

You order them all quickly and discreetly in our online Seedshop!

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