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CBD Crew

CBD Crew, the initiative for CBD-rich weed seeds

In the summer of 2009 Jaime from Resin Seeds and Scott Blakey aka "Shantibaba" from Mr. Nice Seed Bank announced on the Spannabis fair in Barcelona they were going to work together on a new CBD project, named CBD Crew. This decision was made due to the genuine interest the two share in this potent molecule with the great possibilities.

Ideal ratio THC:CBD of 1:1

The experiment aims to raise the CBD level and achieve an ideal ratio of 1:1 in relation to THC, like the potent weed variety Cannatonic had already achieved.

Because most weed strains are bred to get a THC level as high as possible, they wanted to be able to do more for patients who actually benefit from weed with high levels of this interesting cannabinoid. 

Crew of famous names in the world of cannabis

With their project the CBD Crew receives support and help of many friends and acquaintances including Jorges Cervantes, pseudonym for George van Patten and author of the popular book "Indoor Marijuana Horticulture" and Howard Marks, fellow author and famous as a drug smuggler and activist for the legalisation of cannabis known as "Mr. Nice".

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