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Oil Slick Stack Micro

Oil Slick Stack Micro Dab Jars (5 pieces) ~ 5 pc. Oil Slick mini dab jars come in a lovely gift package that can also serve as a storage box.


Number of Oil Slick jars: 5 pieces

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Oil Slick Stack Micro Dab Jars (5 pieces) ~ Gift package with 5 mini dab jars by Oil Slick for storing dabs without having them stick. Why keep wasting BHO? While you might not have an option for scraping up the last remaining wax and shatter from the bottom of other jars, that is no problem with these Oil Slick silicone mini jars.


Mini dab jars

The small dab jars, which are 2.5 x 1.9cm (1" x 0.75") in size, can hold 1.5 grams.


Does not react to butane

The oil jars by Oil Slick are made of FDA platinum catalyst silicone which, in contrast to food grade silicone, has no potential for reacting with butane. 


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