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Marijuana Bandanas

Marijuana Bandanas, versatile handkerchiefs with marijuana leaves!

A bandana is a large handkerchief which you can wrap around your head or neck for example. The word bandana comes from the Hindi word बन्धन Bandhana, which literally means to bind. In the wide Apollyon range you can buy various marijuana-related handkerchiefs with beautiful images of the most beautiful leaf in the world, the cannabis leaf!

Usable as head or neck cloth or as throw-over for extra atmospheric light

Besides being used as a head or neck cloth for protection or decoration, you can also use this versatile bandanas to pimp your room. For example you can brighten up a bare or old twilight lamp and simultaneouslycreating a cozy atmospheric light. Please note that you always use LED lamps or CFLs because incandescent bulbs can be very hot and may cause fire.

Tough cannabis neckerchief for your beloved pet

With this lovely weed bandanas you can also pimp your dog by wrapping a tough handkerchief around his neck. On hot summer days you can first cool the handkerchief in very cold water and then wrap it around the neck of your dog or cat. Success guaranteed!
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