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Home Decoration, Weed & Psychedelic Decoration

Make your home extra cozy with this unique marijuana and psychedelic home decoration. Wide selection of handmade batik cloths and pillowcases which enables you to create an own style in your living room or bedroom.

Cannabis tapestry, bedspread, tablecloth or throw over? It is all possible!

The sheets can be hung on the wall, draped over the sofa, used as an unique bedspread or wrapped over a lamp for extra cozy mood light. Please note that you use LED bulbs (or CFLs) whereas regular light bulbs create too much heat which can cause a fire!

Marijuana leaf as an unique atmosphere maker

With cannabis- and psychedelic home decoration from Head Shop Apollyon you can turn each home in an unique and contemporary style. Let your creativity run wild and create your own stylish chilling atmosphere in which you will experience an ultimate pleasure. For additional home decoration ideas you can also use bandanas to create atmosphere.
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