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Hemp Shampoo Extravaganja

Hemp Shampoo Extravaganja ~ The natural hemp formula in Extravaganja's hair shampoo strengthens your hair and very effectively protects it against dryness


Content: 400 ml



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More information about Hemp Shampoo Extravaganja

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Hemp Shampoo Extravaganja ~ The natural nutrients in hemp help to make your hair stronger, are excellent for revitalising it, and are protecting it from dryness. The fatty acids in hemp oil, which are similar to those in your body, moisturise your scalp and are helping to prevent it from dryness and dandruff. 

The extract of mango refreshes and improves the structure of your hair. You will soon notice the difference, as your hair will be looking softer, stronger, and healthier.
Extravaganja shampoo is suiteable for everyday washing of all types of hair.
  • Coldly pressed hemp oil 
  • Extract of mango


  • 400ml


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