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Terpene Oil Profiles

Terpene Oil Cannabis Profiles – Terpene Profiles from Cannabis in Olive Oil - 100% Natural and Organic!

The Terpene Olie Profiles from Cibiday are all already diluted in organic olive oil to a 2.5% terpene percentage. This makes them safe for immediate ingestion, without the need for dilution beforehand.

Convenient to combine with hemp extracts like CBD and CBG oil or paste, but of course also suitable for your own THC-rich weed oil!

Terpenes namely are volatile substances which easily evaporate from the flower buds of hemp and weed during processing.

Thanks to the Terpene Profiles from several well-known weed strains like Super Lemon Haze, Pineapple Express and generic Indica- and Sativa profiles, you can easily replenish them!

Check out our selection of pre-diluted cannabis profiles and simply buy them online, or in our store in Rotterdam! Our delivery is always discreet and quick.

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