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Hemp Tattoo Care

Hemp Tattoo Care

Instructions for tattoo care

All tattoo shops will give you instructions for care when a tattoo is completed and should be followed.
1. Leave the bandage on for as long as the artist gives instructions for, generally this is only for a few hours, although with a larger tattoo it may be slightly longer. A new tattoo is a wound, and exposing it to the open air also exposes it to the potential of infections, so make sure to apply tattoo balm liberally to the area.
2.After the bandage comes off, the tattoo needs to be washed gently with warm water and a very mild antibacterial soap. This will clean away ointments, blood and any other products that may be left on the skin. Washcloths or abrasive cleaners should be avoided as they can irritate the skin.
3.The tattoo should be dried thoroughly by patting it, never rub a new tattoo in order to dry it. After the area over the tattoo is dry, apply a tattoo balm. Most tattoo artists will offer a specially formulated ointment that helps heal the area around the tattoo; things like Neosporin will have a bad reaction with tattoo ink and should be avoided.
The natural textures of Hemp-Eaze Tattoo Balm gives the skin an antiseptic, water repellent "seal" that is well absorbed, yet easily washed off with, dye-free Dial Antibacterial Soap and hands.
Apply 3 times a day or as needed for comfort.
4. Avoid submerging a new tattoo in water for at least two weeks. Showers won’t do any damage to new tattoo ink, but soaking a new tattoo in hot water will.
New tattoos will generally scab, and these scabs should be left alone. Picking at them will affect the ink underneath. Do not scratch a new tattoo. The tattooed area will be tender for some time, but the entire healing process usually only lasts a week or two.
Many Hemp-EaZe Tattoo Balm users have stated that they experienced minor scabbing and with regular applications, they saw that the balm accelerated the healing process to less than one week, and no problems with infection!
Should anything adhere to the tattoo, such as a bandage, don't pull it off, as this can interfere with the ink and cause damage to the tattoo. Instead, run it under warm water and gently loosen, until it becomes free. Keep in mind that tattoos do occasionally get infected. If the area around the tattoo remains red for longer than a few days, ooze pus or exhibit other signs of infection, seek medical attention.
Is Sunlight Bad for Tattoos?
Sunlight is one of the absolute worst things for a tattoo, whether it is old or new body ink. The Ultraviolet rays, drain the life out of a tattoo. The more you tan, the more the ink fades and slowly goes from brilliant to boring. Hemp-Eaze Hemp Root tattoo Balm is an excellent aftercare treatment to bring back the color and crispness of sun damaged tattoos.
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