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Making Cannabis Oil

Making Weed Oil - Making Cannabis Oil yourself quickly, safely and simply!

Cannabis oil, which is made of concentrated cannabis, can be manufactured in various ways. The popular and highly concentrated BHO (butane hash oil) for instance is made with butane gas, but the downside of this is that butane is a highly flammable product with all the high risk that entails.


Making Alcohol Hash Oil (AHO)

A safer method to make weed oil is with the use of alcohol (ethanol), the so-called AHO, and many recreational cannabis users use this extraction method to create the greatest possible high, without too much danger of explosion.


Making your own mediweed oil

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly known to people that cannabis has many special properties. Certain compounds in cannabis can keep our bodies healthy, can promote a speedy recovery after illness and can stimulate sleepiness. In short, they can make you happy and merry again and return your body to optimal condition. As mediweed oil is illegal and therefore not easy to purchase, people will have to make it themselves.


Safe method developed

Wernard Bruining of Stichting Mediwiet ( Mediweed Foundation) has developed a method with which each patient can make weed oil very easily and above all safely in order to relieve all kinds of bodily conditions. All with simple and easy to use tools like a bottle warmer, alcohol, panty hoses and a baby bottle or by use of the Cannalator.


Detailed user guide for making weed oil

To simplify this Headshop Apollyon has  put together complete sets which contain all the necessities for making your own mediweed oil at home. In the Mediweed oil section, there is a detailed manual describing step by step how to make your own weed oil.


Making Weed oil with the Magical Butter

With the Magical Butter the possibilities are extra comprehensive. Whether you want to make your own weed oil, a cannabis tincture or prefer weed butter with which you can prepare many tasty dishes, the Magical Butter can do it all. Besides weed you can of course use all kinds of other wholesome herbs, seeds or plants, in order for you to benefit from all good things nature has to offer.

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