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Endoca 15% CBD Oil Raw

  • High CBD/CBDa-content of 15%
  • Suitable for adults looking for the more potent CBD oil
  • Content: 10 ml
  • Full spectrum hemp extract
  • Raw, meaning unheated and unfiltered
  • Organic and GMP-certified
  • Manufactured under pharmaceutical supervision
  • Genuine product of nature
  • Producer: Endoca in Denmark
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Endoca 15% CBD Oil Raw

This is a real natural product, most of all suited for the somewhat more experienced users, who have found the more potent CBD oils to be primarily effective for them. So the 15% CBD oil Raw  happens to be a medium strong to strong CBD/CBDa oil from the Danish leading brand Endoca. It is derived from certified organic hemp, through means of an extraction process which does not involve heat. This means all cannabidiolic acid (CBDa, the acidic precursor of CBD), has been preserved. Just like the terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins (vitamin E) and all other healthy components which occur naturally in the hemp plant.

Certified organic hemp and a reliable manufacturing process

Besides the organic SKAL-certification the Danish Endoca is also GMP-certified for the entire manufacturing process ,which on top of that, takes place under pharmaceutical supervision. The GMP certificate is a guarantee for quality in the food industry, among other areas. The SKAL-certificate is the European hallmark for organic foodstuffs and -supplements.
In short a clean, pure and reliable product of nature for those that want to take a hemp extract, which most closely resembles the components of the living plant. Easy to use and concentrated for a more potent effect.

Dosing advice

It is sensible to gradually increase the dosage of CBD over a period of about three weeks. As dosing moments go, three moments a day is quite common. Given the strength of this oil you can take up to 32 drops a day, divided over 3 moments.

Always consult with your physician if it is safe to take CBD, if you are already on any medication.  Alcohol and CBD? Preferably not! The fact is alcohol might interfere with the intake of CBD.

Information on the label:

  • 15% CBD/CBDa
  • 100% organic hemp
  • Content: 10 ml
  • 5 mg CBD/CBDa per drop
  • Ingredients: 15% CBD/CBDa (1500 mg), omega-3 (0.75g), omega-6 (2.5g), vitamin E (5 mg), terpenes and other compounds occuring naturally in hemp
  • Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight
  • Shake well before use
  • Foodsupplement
  • Food supplements are not a substitute to a varied diet
  • Store in the refrigerator, out of reach of small children
  • Manufactured under pharmaceutical control
  • Producer: Endoca in Denmark

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