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Chillum Bom Shankar

Chillum Bom Shankar ~ Chillum of stone with a length of 16.5 cm and a weight of 140 grams. Equipped with Ganesha, the god with the head of an elephant.


Size: 16.5cm / 6.5"


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Chillum Bom Shankar 16.5cm ~ Stone chillum with a lenght of 16.5 cm and a relief image of Ganesha, the god with an elephant head from Hinduism. On the back the sign Ohm is carved, derives from the Sanskrit and representing the divine.


Shiva smokes cannabis

Shankar is another name given to Shiva, a major deity in the Hindu religion. According to the legend this famous god lives in the Himalayas where he smokes cannabis. Holy men in India, called sadhus, worship Shiva and use marijuana and hashish (charas) just like their god, that they smoke through a conical chillum.

Boom Shankar is showing respect

When the Chilam is lit, a sadhu shows his gratitude and respect for the holy Shiva, and says the phrase: "Bom Shankar" or "Boom Shankar". Doing this he lets Lord Shiva know that the chillum is about to be smoked and that other sadhus are welcome to smoke along.

God with an elephant head

Ganesha with the elephant head, which is shown on this chilam, is the son of Shiva who is responsible for the beheading of his son because he thought he was an unwanted intruder. To make up from his mistake he gave his servants orders to bring the head of the first creature that they would encounter along the way, and that turned out to not be a man but an elephant. Shiva placed the head on his son and raised him back to life.

Ganesha helps make the right choices

Ganesha, which is regarded as the god of all knowledge and wisdom, is worshiped by followers of Hinduism, especially when new challenges are planned, such as a new job or buying a new home. Choices which they ask Ganesha for advice and assistance.

Holy charas

To continue in the tradition, raise your lighting for this beautiful chillum and say: "Boom Shankar" and wait until all your friends will join along to enjoy your very holy weed or hashish. Then it can not be any different than that Shiva gives his blessing for an ultimate high.

General informaton

  • Length: 16.5cm / 6.5"
  • Diameter Ø: 2.6cm / 1"
  • Weight: 140 gr.
  • Material: Stone
  • Color: Brown plus an orange-red bead
  • Design: Ganesha



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