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CBD Shot CannaPower

CBD Shot CannaPower 100mg ~ CBD oil in a daily shot size by CannaPower with 100mg of CBD. Also available as a 10-day cleanse.


Volume: 5ml

CBD: 100mg

Ingredients: Cannabis oil and sunflower oil


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More information about CBD Shot CannaPower

Active ingredients
Cannabidiol (CBD)
Dissolved in
Sunflower oil
Brand name of product
Content of active ingredients



CBD Shot Cannapower 100mg ~ CBD oil from the Dutch brand CannaPower with 100mg of cannabidiol. Of the 3 different kinds of cannabis oil by CannaPower, this is the strongest one.


Obtaining cannabis oil from legal hemp

Many people benefit from the unique traits that the cannabis plant has to offer us. By extracting cannabidiol from hemp plants instead of marijuana plants, this product contains no substantial percentage of THC, which makes the oil entirely legal to use.


Dosage per shot

CannaPower oil is provided in small bottles with no dropper. The bottles are intended as a shot, which means that you should swallow the contents all at once. The option to buy discounted sets of 10 bottles is also available, which is great for a 10-day cleanse.



The CannaPower bottle holds 5ml and contains 100mg of CBD, making it the strongest type of CannaPower.



The oil consists of cannabis oil and sunflower oil, and can be kept for at least 2 years provided the bottle is stored in a cool dry place.



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