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Oil Rigs

Oil Rigs - Wax Bongs

In our extensive BHO assortment you can buy various oil rigs, -bubblers and – pipes, which are specifically designed for using cannabis concentrates, also known as dabs. These wax bongs and -pipes are equipped with lots of extra's like a nail and dome, which make dabbing a veritable delight.

Making use of a rig

When using BHO it is necessary to make use of a special oil pipe or -bong, the so-called rigs, in order to enjoy the THC-rich weed extract in the best way possible. An open flame to your dabs will burn off a large part of it and with such an expensive product you want to prevent this.

Difference between rig and bong

For the reason mentioned above you therefore do not use a regular bong when dabbing, but one which is equipped with a glass- or titanium nail. This nail is able to withstand extremely high temperatures and can be heated until it is glowing red hot with a lighter that gives off an intense blue flame.

Nail and dome

Over the nail a dome is placed, which ensures the BHO, which is placed on the heated nail with a dab tool and evaporated, is caught in the glass dome, to then be inhaled in the usual manner with which you would smoke a regular bong.

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