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Truffle Grinders

Truffle Grinders, for an optimal trip!

Besides the familiar weed and herb grinders it is now also possible to buy truffle- and shroom grinders online at Apollyon with which you can very easily finely grind your shrooms.

The truffle grinder grinds the contents into a buttery substance which is ready for consumption straight away.

Benefit of finely ground shrooms

The benefit of finely ground truffles or other psychedelic mushrooms is that you no longer need to chew on the hallucinogenic stuff, which for most people has a nasty taste that can make many folks quite nauseous.

Adrenalin decreases the effect of psilocybin

Retching and vomiting is not only very unfortunate but it also stimulates the production of adrenaline. This hormone is produced as a natural reaction so your body remains alert and watchful and is capable of doing battle with pain for instance.

Faster uptake in the bloodstream

During a trip however the production of adrenaline should be avoided, as this also decreases the effect of psilocin. Moreover the finely ground paste is taken up in the bloodstream more easily and more quickly.

Buy your grinder simply and discreetly online

Order your truffle grinder easily and discreetly in the online Smartshop from Apollyon and experience your trip in the best way possible!

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