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Gift Sets

Gift Sets, wide choice weed related presents!

To buy a gift for loved ones, family or friends can be a daunting task and can require a lot of time. At Head Shop & Smartshop Apollyon is that annoying and time-consuming task now in the past. In this section you can choose from a wide selection of unique and ready-made gift sets which are only for sale at Apollyon.

Compete giftsets for the cannabis lover

Whether you want to buy something for an uncle's birthday, a small gift for a close friend or a nice gift for a loved one, at Head Shop & Smartshop Apollyon you may find something of your liking. From natural hemp products for a healthy lifestyle to complete smokers bundles for the experienced potheads.

A suitable gift for everyone

The gift set section is of course perfect to pamper yourself once in a while. And even the lovers of 50's-70's idols and legends like Marilyn Monroe or Bob Marley are at Head Shop Apollyon at the right place. Exclusive ashtrays with matching lighters in luxurious looking gift packaging along with many more products are available in our selection of gift sets.


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