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Hemp Snacks

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Hemp Snacks (100% Organic)

Eating sweets and snacking is delicious, especially when you have developed an insatiable hunger for all kinds of treats by using weed, the famous munchies. But sweets and snacks sadly are not really healthy. Headshop Apollyon has an excellent solution for this! As we know, hemp is actually very healthy and packed with chemicals which are very useful for our body.


Eating healthy sweets and snacking

It is therefore a logical consequence that nowadays more and more sweets and other goodies containing hemp are for sale. This way you can satisfy your munchies in a more responsible manner. At Headshop Apollyon you can for example purchase three different types of bars, all three based on hemp.


Hemp seed with spicy or sweet taste

But we also have delicious and above all very healthy hemp snacks which consist of whole hemp seeds coated with a tasty chocolate layer or extra seasoned with spicy or oppositely with sweet herbs.


Healthy ingredients for a responsible in between snack

Hemp snacks are loaded with healthy ingredients and are ideal as a responsible in between snack. As you can see, at Headshop Apollyon the choice is plentiful!

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