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Hemp Leaves Buds

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What are Hemp Leaves and Flower buds?

Hemp flowers are basically the buds of the plant, only these buds do not contain any THC like the well-known weed buds you can buy in the coffeeshop (or dispensary).

Meaning you will not get stoned from them, but you can benefit from the versatile properties of these hemp flower buds.

Some applications of hemp leaves and flowers

So for instance you can buy special sachets which act as little scented bags. But you could also use hemp leaves or flowers in food dishes, to make tea with or to fill an aroma-rich bath with.

Of course you can smoke hemp leaves and flowers as well, but again that will definitely not get you stoned or high.

It is however a less unhealthy alternative to the addictive and unhealthy tobacco.

Why not try it out for yourself for once and order your sachet with leaves and flowers safely and simply in the Healthshop from Apollyon!

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