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Oil Rigs - Wax Bongs

In our extensive BHO range you can buy several oil rigs, bubblers and pipes specially designed for the use of cannabis concentrates, also called dabs. These wax bongs and pipes are equipped with extras such as a nail and dome, this makes dabbing a true pleasure.

Use of a rig

With the use of BHO it is necessary to use a special oil pipe or bong, these are called rigs. With these rigs you can enjoy the THC-rich cannabis extract in the most optimal way. An open flame on your dabs will result in burning a large ammount and you really want to avoid burning your valuable concentrate.

Difference rig and bong

For the above reason, you don't use an ordinary bong for dabbing but one that is equipped with a glass or titanium nail. The nail can withstand extremely high temperatures and can be heated with a lighter which gives a blue flame until the nail is red hot.

Nail and dome

On top of the nail you place the dome, which ensures that the BHO that has been placed on the nail with a dabber stick is being evaporated and collected in the glass dome. Once sufficient smoke has been accumalated in the dome you can suck in the smoke like you would do with a normal bong.
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