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Two Ways Olie Vapor Bong


Two Ways Olie Vapor Bong Black Leaf 5mm


Hoogte: 40cm


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 € 59,95
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Two Ways Olie Vapor Bong Black Leaf (5mm) 40cm ~ This is a classic looking cylinder bong, with a unique difference and that is the vapor has two routes into the round water-chamber. They both start in the attached 'Down-Pipe' then the first and largest is goes directly into the cylinder, under the round water-chamber before rising though a 'Diffuser-Disk'. 


The second and smaller inlet flows directly into the round water-chamber creating a rotating motion in the diffused vapor.It comes with an oil nail made?of heat-proof borosilicate (Pyrex) glass and a removable 'Vapor-Dome'.


Info: This Bong can not be combined with a regular adapter or bong bowl! This is a pure 'Oil Vapor Bong'


Product Details: - Colour: clear - Brand & Logo: 'Black Leaf' 'TWO WAYS' - Height: 400mm - Diameter: Ø 50mm - Sure Ground: SG 19 (18.8mm) - Wall Thickness: WT: 5mm


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