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CBG Oil Drops

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  • These CBG Oil Drops by Cibiday contain a potent mix of the more familiar cannabinoids: CBG (cannabigerol) and CBD (cannabidiol)
  • Contains 8% Cannabigerol (CBG) and 5,5% Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • New in The Netherlands!
  • Combined action
  • Reasonably high percentage of cannabinoids, so meant primarily for adults
  • CBG-percentage: 8%
  • CBD-percentage: 5,5%
  • Content: 10 ml
  • Diluted in MCT oil from coconut oil
  • Reliable product, lab tested
  • Part of the wide range of cannabinoid oil products from Cibiday
  • Produced by: Cibiday BV in Nederland
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CBG Oil Drops by Cibiday - Combined percentage of 13.5% 

These CBG Oil Drops by Cibiday contain oil from hemp with 8% Cannabigerol (CBG) and 5,5% Cannabidiol (CBD). New in The Netherlands! CBG oil drops from Cibiday are made up of a liquid hemp oil in which besides the popular ingredient cannabidiol (CBD), a large concentration of cannabigerol (CBG) is also present. 

What is CBG oil?

CBG is the abbreviation for cannabigerol and belongs in the category of cannabinoids which occur in plants of the cannabis genus. This vegetable cannabinoid, just like CBD, does not have any psychoactive effect, but does have a wide applicability.

Because of this this cannabinoid is highly sought after as ingredient in hemp oil. So CBG oil is an average CBD oil, only with the big difference that in this it is not cannabidiol, but the cannabinoid cannabigerol which is prevalent. This means for the first time there is an oil, which combines these two valuable components, by which a combined action can be achieved.

Combination of two major cannabinoids

According to the most recent publications the efficacy of both hemp- as cannabis oil is determined relative ratios of the components present. If only CBD or only CBD would be isolated, without extracting the other plant components, the efficacy will be many times lower.

When extracting from hemp plants however, the other plant components are gained as well, which means these possibly could have a stronger effect through an ingenious synergetic process (cooperative process). This by some researchers proposed synergy between the cannabinoids themselves and between the other components present, is often referred to as as the entourage effect.

The unique feature of CBG oil however is the combination of two highly concentrated, functional cannabinoids with the other components, relative to CBD oil with a combination of only one highly concentrated, functional cannabinoid with other constituents.

How to dose this CBG/CBD oil?

In general one builds up the dosage during a three to four week period. The schedule below can offer guidance in increasing a dosage. When effects are not forthcoming, you could always try other percentages, possibly in the form of a paste. You will find them all in the Apollyon Healthshop.

Week 1: three times 1- 3 drops a day (36 mg CBG + 24.75 mg CBD)

Week 2: three times 6 drops a dag (72 mg CBG + 49.50 mg CBD)

Week 3: three times 10 drops a dag (120 mg CBG + 82.50 mg CBD)

Maximum daily dose: 30 drops

General information Cibiday Cannabigerol Oil

      Content: 10 ml

      CBG-content: 8%

      CBD-content: 5,5%

      Producer: Cibiday

      Supplied in brown glass little dropper bottle

      Natural product from EU-certified hemp

      With no psychoactive effect

      Made by means of supercritical CO2 extraction

      Suspended in MCT oil from coconut oil

      Also ideally suited for children, older people or pets

 Information on the label

      8% CBG (800 mg), 5,5% CBD (550 mg)

      Content: 10 ml

      200 drops, 4 mg CBG and 2,75 mg CBD per drop

      Ingredients: MCT oil from coconut oil, 8% CBG and 5,5 mg CBD from CBG/CBD pasta

      Recommended daily dose: 3 times 1-10 druppels (120 mg CBG + 82,50 mg CBD) sublingually

      Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

      Shake well before use

      Food supplement

      Food supplements are no substitute for a varied diet

      Store at room temperature, in the dark and out of reach of children

      Do not use during pregnancy of while breastfeeding

      Always consult with a physician if you are using medication

      Producer: Cibiday BV, Dordtsestraatweg 434 C, 3075 BK Rotterdam

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  1. Goede snelle levering
    Zeer tevreden over snelle levering. Tot nu toe bevalt produkt goed, maar ben net begonnen en ben aan het opbouwen. Ik ga hier zeker vaker bestellen.

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  2. CBD CBG druppels
    Helpt geweldig tav emotionele ondersteuning in moeilijke tijden. Je wordt er rustig van en kan veel beter functioneren. Wel eerst 2 a 3 dagen innemen alvorens resultaat optreedt. Ik gebruik 3 x 3 druppels per dag. Topproduct!!

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