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CBD-rich Female Hemp

CBD-rich Female Hemp ~ Manually harvested and sorted flower buds of female hemp plants. The CBD-rich hemp is suitable for making tinctures and compresses. The hemp flower buds are also suitable for inhalation, for making tea, in food or in bath. 


Content: 40grams 

XQ: dioecious varieties, only female.



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CBD-rich Female Hemp ~ Trompetol organic hemp is entirely derived from legally grown CBD-rich hemp in the Czech Republic (Europe). Hemp barely contains any THC (less than 0.2%) so it causes no psychoactive effect. However, it does contain a high content of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids. 


Hemp flower buds 

The flower buds, leaves, stems and seeds of the plant are harvested by hand and dried naturally before they are manually processed and sorted. 

Cannabis Sativa for a healthy life style 

Since the Middle Ages cannabis was well known for the healing properties and was often used as a medicinal herb. In the present time, more and more people prefer a healthy lifestyle with natural products and the extremely healthy hemp is increasing in popularity again. 

Hemp is super healthy 

Hemp contains essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, aromatic molecules, and of course many cannabinoids such as CBD. It can be used for the preparation of infusions, for making extracts, inhaled with a vaporizer, for in bath, in food and drink or compresses. 

CBD is not soluble in water! 

In order to extract CBD from hemp, it is important to use milk or other greasy liquids because cannabidiol doesn't dissolve in water. For the preparation of tea you can add a dash of milk. 

Make your own hemp beer 

With Trompetol hemp you easily can prepare a healthy cannabis flavoured drink by mixing into lemonade, syrup, milk, rum, wine or beer. To produce your own hemp beer, you can replace hop for hemp in the beer recipe. Hop and hemp are both plants of the same family, named Cannabaceae. 

Properties of hemp 

Hemp has a wide range of positive features. Some of these features are: 
  • High CBD content, very low THC content 
  • Soothing
  • Antiseptic 
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Easy to digest 
  • Not psychoactive 
  • Contains antioxidants 
  • Promotes good digestion 
  • Keeps your immune system in optimal balance 

Recommended dosage 

  • Use 4 grams per day, unless otherwise recommended 

Ingredients Trompetol Female Hemp 

  • 100% Hemp (leaves, flowers, stems, seeds), from organic farming 


  • 40 grams



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