Wood Chillum Holy Sadhu

Wood Chillum Holy Sadhu ~ Long hardwood chillum with conical shape and a size of 18cm. The handmade, richly decorated pipe features a carved sadhu face with beard and decoration on the nose and forehead.


Size: 18cm / 7.1"


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Wood Chillum Holy Sadhu 18cm ~ Richly decorated hardwood chillum of 18cm with a conical shape. The handmade smoking pipe has beautiful details including a face of a holy sadhu with decorations on the nose and forehead.


Holy sadhu

In countries like India and Nepal are many things sacred. So you not only have sacred rivers, mountains and animals, but there also are holy men. In these countires live millions of holy men, also known as sadhus or saddhus. Likes monks, a sacred saddhu does not attach itself to material things, but strive to achieve spiritual liberation.

Spiritual enlightenment

A sadhu choose an ascetic lifestyle and waives luxury and comfort. He has broken all connections with his family, has no shelter, owns no property and wears little or no clothing. Many of them meditate and do yoga to promote spiritual enlightenment. They also perform various rituals to get closer to the gods.

Smoking charas as a ritual

One of these ancient rituals is smoking marijuana and hashish, also called charas, through a conical shaped chillum pipe. They follow this example of Lord Shiva, an important god in Hinduism. Marijuana, even though it is illegal, is an important part of the Indian culture. For this reason, it is for holy men allowed to consume charas, ganja or bhang.

Special way of smoking

A chillum is smoked in a special way, the pipe is held in a vertical position between the ring and middle finger or between the thumb and palm while the other hand is folded around it.

General Information

  • Length: 18cm / 7.1"
  • Diameter bowl Ø: 2,8cm / 1.1"
  • Diameter chillum Ø: 3,5cm / 1.4"
  • Material: Hardwood
  • Colorr: Black
  • Design: Face holy sadhu
  • Chillum filter stone is included



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