Facebook Contest 24hour 1

Facebook Contest 24hour 1


**** Contest is ended **** 


Soon we're having a new contest! Keep following our facebook page, maybe you're the next winner!












**** Contest is ended **** 


Soon we're having a new contest! Keep following our facebook page, maybe you're the next winner!





Important, follow these steps!!!

Oh dear, oh dear... Santa and his elves were looking for some nice presents for you in our webshop, but of course they couldn't resist the temptation of all the magic mushrooms and other delicious psychedelics. 

Ok, it was fun and they've really enjoyed themselves but now one elf is lost. Oh dear... Santa needs him to deliver your presents. Will you help Santa to find his naughty elf back? Last time i saw him he was in the "Smart" section, but he could be everywhere by now.

The rules:

1. Like our Headshop Apollyon facebook page
2. Share this message (public!!!!)
3. Help Santa find his elf back at https://www.apollyon.nl/
4. Click on this pic and leave ONLY this comment: "I've found the elf"
5. Send us a PRIVATE message where you did find the elf and what he's holding in his hand (or email to: info@apollyon-shop.nl)
6. Within 24 hours we announce the winner!

Package includes:

- Acrylic bong 34cm
- Apollyon acrylic grinder
- Bottle opener weed leaf
- Ragga coloured clear papers (100% biodegradable)
- Greengo King Size 2 in 1 (papers + tips)
- Pipe screens
- Saverette
- 3x Holland filter tips

Goodluck (Y)

You've already liked us? Then only share & comment. 





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