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The Philosopher's Stone - Albert Hofmann DVD

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The Philosopher's Stone - Albert Hofmann 100 Year Old DVD ~ This is a unique documentary of the international symposium "LSD - Problem Child and Wonder Drug' (January 2006 in Basel, Switzerland) on the occasion of Dr. Albert Hofmanns's 100th birthday. 


This 5 hour documentary in German/English includes lectures presented by Albert Hoffman, Ralph Metzer, Alex Grey, Martin A. Lee and many more. These lectures describe and discuss the complex aspects of LSD. The film is also framed by special visualised concert recordings of the Saturday nights symposium event performed by Akasha Project (sound recording of the LSD-25 molecule), Stars Sounds Orchestra and Guru Guru. 


Additional highlights exhibit exclusive interviews with two German artists Thomas D (musician) and Wolfgang Maria Ohlhäuser (painter). To view this trailer you need a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.


- Play Time: 5 Hours - Limited Edition - Double DVD



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