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Hemp Papers

Hemp rolling papers, tasty and good for the environment!

If you are also just so in love with the beautiful and versatile cannabisplant, then these rolling papers, made from 100% pure hemp, might save the day. Because what could be more fun, better or tastier than smoking your favourite weed strain in a real hemp rolling paper.


Hemp saves trees!

For the manufacture of hemp rolling papers no trees need to be cut down, because only the fibers from the hemp plant are used. Hemp grows many times faster than a tree, so with hemp rolling papers you do not only save trees, but you also contribute to a better and healthier environment.


Organically procuced and unbleached

At Smokeshop Apollyon you can amongst others things choose hemp rolling papers from the old and trusted Smoking brand, which has been producing Smoking Green since 1998. Smoking also has the Eco-version in their product range, which is also made from hemp. Furthermore in our headshop we have OCB available with OCB Organic Hemp, which consists of organically produced and unbleached hemp rolling papers.


And if you are a fan of Rasta and love reggea music or are a big fan of Bob Marley, than the Bob Marley hemp rolling papers or for example the Irie hemp rolling papers might be a nice rolling paper for you.


Hemp rolling paper with flavouring

If you like to enjoy a nice taste from your rolling papers while toking, than the flavoured hemp rolling papers from Juicy Jay's are the perfect solution.

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