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For a long time, paper manufacture was the work of craftsmen. Today it uses the most modern, advanced techniques with complete espect for tradition. Paper is made mainly from cellulose fibres taken from plants. These fibres come from trees in managed forests or plants grown and harvested annually.


Hemp: OCB selects organic french hemp.


Product 1 to 12 (of 12 products)  Result: 1
Product 1 to 12 (of 12 products)  Result: 1


OCB selects the most resistant plants: these are the qualities that determine the finesse and transparency of OCB's ultra-fine papers and these are the criterea on with their reputation has been based for so long.


Hemp: OCB selects organic french hemp.


Flax: this plant originated in the Caucasus and is grown throughout Europe. It is annually growned and can reach the height of 1 metre. Its pale blue or purplish flowers bloom in spring. It has the advantage of growing without the need for fertilisers.


Producing, Preparing and Refining the Pulp


Stage 1: The bales of fibres are first of all broken up in a pulper (a tank filled with water and fitted with a paddle). This swells the fibres and keeps them  in suspension., creating a pulp that will undergo a series of treatments before being send to the machine;


- refining, mixing

- dilution, purification

- de-earation



The Paper Machine: for consistent quality


When the paper pulp reaches the machine head, it is made up of a highly - diluted suspension of fibres containing nearly 99,5% water and only a few grams of "dry matter"  per litre.


Each production parameter is constantly controlled by automatic control loops: flow, concentration, temperature, pressure, speed ... These fully automated stages unable us to archieve a reliable result and constantly quality.


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Hennepzaadolie plus CBD

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Cannabis Olie Zelfmaak Set

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