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Small Glass Bongs

Portable small Glass Bongs, Percolators, Bubblers smaller than 20 cm or 8 inches

Are you looking for a nice, fun, beatiful or cute glass bong, ice bong, percolator or bubbler? Does your current bong need replacement and want to buy a new one? 

Take a look at our collection small glass bongs, no taller than 20 cm or 8 inches!

Buy your bong in our online Smoke Shop or visit our store in Rotterdam

Apollyon offers bongs both online and in our store in the south of Rotterdam. 

We have all kinds of glass bongs, straight, round or shaped. What do you think of a bong shaped like a penis or a funny mushroom wrapped around your bong?

Most of these bongs are portable and easy to handle, but we also have small glass bongs with percolaters and a spool that can be cooled seperately in the freezer, before you start smoking! Cool smoke is easy on the throat and enhances the natural flavour of your herbs.

So order small glass bongs online at Apollyon for fast and intact delivery!

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