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Led Light Bongs

Led Light Bongs for mood enhancement

In our extensive range of glass, acrylic and ceramic bongs you can choose from a selection of very special bongs for an additional atmospheric and trippy smoking experience!

At the foot of these so-called light-bongs sit a circle of LED lights that changes color. When the bong is filled with water and smoke you will enjoy a psychedelic light spectacle.

Spectacular light show

Each LED light bong has its own special effects and you will especially enjoy this when the room is dark, there arises a spectacular light show that changes every time of shape and colour!

The matte colored (sandblasted or frosted) bongs display a striking colored light inside the bong while the clear bongs cause a subtle light and will bring the walls and ceiling to life.

Create your own spacey atmosphere

Flying high ... that will not interfere with these bongs. And with multiple pieces in the same room and possibly some mood enhancing lava lamps placed there result in a simple created colorful, spacey, chill room.

There are also individual LED bases for sale that you can apply to your normal bongs with a detachable base to turn your normal bong into a light bong.

Simply order yours at our online Smoke Shop for discreet delivery worldwide!

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