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Grace Glass Bongs

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Grace Glass Bongs

Do you want to buy a luxurious and above all well functioning glass bong but you have a small budget? Headshop & Smartshop Apollyon is the place to be!

Quality bong for the buyer on budget

Grace Glass Bongs are known for their high quality small price ratio. The glass bongs don’t only look luxurious they have a lot extra’s as well such as different percolators, such as arm percolators, spiral percolators or dome percolators.

Solid bongs with thick glass

The chillums of the Grace Glass Bongs have many extra’s too. For example a shower chillum, a six shooter chillum or a diffuser chillum. Furthermore the Glass Bongs are available in different glass thicknesses of 4mm or 5mm but there are even 7mm Grace Glass bongs so you know for sure it can take a blow and won’t break easily.
At Headshop Apollyon you have a wide range of choices in Grace Glass Bongs. The assortment is regularly completed with the most popular and most functional bongs, percolators, bubblers, adapters, pre-coolers, etc Grace Glass produce.
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