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Using products made from natural ingredients to recuperate from a hectic lifestyle

Life is fun and also always has its pleasant excesses. Now you can let your body recuperate specifically from your busy weekends of pleasurable little excesses by various products with natural ingredients.

In our online Smartshop you can buy various products which decrease the effects or consequences of for instance shrooms,  truffles, XTC and cocaine on your system, or promote a speedy recovery of your body.

So we have tripstoppers for magic shrooms en truffles for example, after C to recover more quickly after recreational usage of cocaine, Open Your Eyes to fix red eyes, 5-HTP for an uplifting feeling and Cobeco Quick Flush Capsules for the faster flushing of toxins from your body. All on a natural basis!

You order them all easily in the online Smartshop from Apollyon and you will get them delivered quickly and discreetly.

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