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In our online Smartshop you can choose from the widest selection of Magic Truffles

3 Items

12 24 36
  1. Truffle Atlantis 15gr
    Truffle Atlantis 15gr
     €13.95 €12.55
  2. Truffle Mexicana 15 gr
    Truffle Mexicana 15 gr
     €11.95 €10.76
  3. Truffle MushRocks 15gr
    Truffle MushRocks 15gr
     €14.95 €13.45

3 Items

12 24 36

Magic Truffles, experience the ultimate trip!

In the online Smartshop from Apollyon you can buy the most wide-ranging types of Magic Truffles!

A truffle or sclerotium is the underground fruiting body of a mushroom, from which in favourable climatic circumstances the recognisable form of a mushroom will later grow.

Order your truffles easily and discreetly at Apollyon!

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