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Magic Mushrooms

Grow Kits for Shrooms, easily grown at home!

With the magic mushroom growkits from our online smartshop assortment you can easily grow your own magic shrooms at home.

The complete growkits contain all the ingredients needed to make your familiar, mind-altering mushrooms grow to take you to higher realms in a short period of time.

We have best and most popular Growkits  

We have all the popular and succesful grow kits for growing various strains of your own magic mushrooms, such as the Mc Kennaii, Mexican All in One, Golden Teacher, Ecuadorian and Colombian shrooms.

They require only water, constant room temperature and are super easy to grow! 

The advantages of using Growkits for Magic Mushrooms

The most important advantage of using a Growkit as a means for enjoying Magic Mushrooms, is the high yield in comparison to the price. A typical Growkit of 1200 CC yields between 400 to 600 grams of magic mushrooms!

The second big advantage is the taste and texture of mushrooms, which are softer and do not taste as repulsive as the hard truffle. 

A disadvantage is that it takes about four weeks before you can enjoy home grown magic mushrooms. So it is necesary to plan your trip well in advange. But if you do, a Grow Kit is definitely worth it all!

Hallucinogenic and spiritual properties of Magic Mushrooms

Next to the known psychedelic effect which the shrooms cause, ever more scientific studies show that these surprising shrooms can in certain situations sometimes also possibly offer healing capabilities.

In our smartshop assortment you can make a choice from growkits for various types of magic mushrooms.

At Apollyon you very simply order your growkits and get them delivered quickly and discreetly!

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