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Auto Flowering

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  1. (Auto) Pineapple Express 5x
    (Auto) Pineapple Express 5x
     €32.00 €25.60
  2. (Auto) Blue Mammoth 5x
    (Auto) Blue Mammoth 5x
     €32.00 €25.60
  3. (Auto) Sweet Tooth 5x
    (Auto) Sweet Tooth 5x
     €34.50 €27.60

3 Items

12 24 36

Auto-flowering strains are a product of long and extensive breeding programs using the most reliable strains together with special varieties of the sub-species - cannabis / ruderalis. Cannabis ruderalis species of Cannabis originate in central Asia.

Ruderalis plants flower earlier than cannabis indica or cannabis sativa, they do not grow as tall, and can also withstand much harsher climates than either indica or sativa. Cannabis ruderalis varieties will produce flowers based on the plants age, as opposed to the shortening of light exposure, as in cannabis indica or cannabis sativa varieties.

Barneys Farm offer a large range of award winning 'Auto-flowering' cannabis strains
Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds start to flower automatically when they reach a given maturity, regardless of photoperiod.
Auto flowering cannabis seeds are in almost all cases crossings (hybrids) between Cannabis ruderalis and Cannabis indica and/or Cannabis sativa As said before, they start to flower automatically, this in comparison to the 'classic' Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica which need a reduction of sun hours a day in order to flower.
Auto flowering marijuana seeds with Cannabis ruderalis inheritance simply start to flower when they reach a certain age. Most autoflowering cannabis seeds start to flower around week 3. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are already on the market for a while, but in the last few years the popularity of autoflowering seeds has skyrocketed.
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