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Barney's Farm Seeds

Apollyon has preselected the best sellers of Barney's Farm seeds for you

Barney's Farm is known for the consistent quality they deliver. Ever since the early 80s the experienced breeders at Barney's Farm Seeds have been collecting the most genetically diverse seeds from all over the world. This way they managed to cultivate the best and rarest types of marijuana. 

In the Seedshop from Apollyon you will find a carefully composed selection of marijuana seeds from Barney's Farm amongst others. This way we unburden our customers and relieve you of decision making stress!

Barney's takes good care of their cannabis genetics

This focus on high and stable quality genetics has in the past subsequently resulted in several awards. Barney's Farm has secured cannabis-cups for wide-ranging seed lines. Barney's is always searching for new, promising weed strains in order to be able to guarantee the best genetics.

Barney's uses many genetically stable landraces

The breeders at Barney's Farm utilise many classic and well-known landraces for their own weed strains, like Nepali, Hawaiian and Kush. This makes their own weed strains genetically very stable.

We have transparantly categorised our selection of weed strains from Barney's in feminised and autoflowering seeds, so you can easily make your choice.

This way you can easily buy top quality cannabis seeds from our carefully composed selection both in the  store as in our online Seedshop!

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